Murder on the Barts Floor
Wednesday 17th July 7:00pm
- 9:00pm
SOLD OUT! But fear not, we'll be back just in time for Halloween... bookable soon. Chelsea’s most notorious speakeasy - famed for its lawless liquor and raucous parties -  is becoming famous for something a little more sinister… the scene of a terrible crime. On the 17th of July, we're calling upon those of you with a keen eye and a sharp mind. If you consider yourself the no-nonsense type, with a penchant for spotting loose-lipped liars then we need your help! Firstly, rip your way through the police tape and enter the apartment to find a room of suspects, each with their own potential, spine-chilling motive. You’ll be encouraged to take in all the evidence, get to know the scene, but most of all - get to know the suspects. Do you have what it takes to separate the truth from the lies? Can you detect the subtleties of body language, alibi inconsistencies, or just possess that good ol’ gut feeling? Scribble down clues as you gather them, eventually forming what you believe to be the truth behind the Murder on the Barts Floor. Afterwards, cool your nerves with a toast to the deceased and a complimentary cocktail from Barts’ Murderous menu. Then, sit back and enjoy as the venue transforms into what it’s best known for - a sizzling speakeasy.
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